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It’s World Goth Day! Lets celebrate with my fav goth tumblr 🙂


unstereotyped submitted this photo with the comment “This is my fantastic friend Andy. He was originally looking down on me from the tree, but I felt that my presence added nothing to the photo, and therefore, cropped myself out. I feel this was the right choice as now the focus is on him and his fabulous figure.”

Just look at her fantastic friend Andy and his fabulous figure. Actually, I can’t see his figure so I’m going to take the submitter’s word that it’s fabulous. This is photo is very cute and Andy certainly looks comfortable; like he was born for sitting up trees. I like the fence and pot plants in the background – very suburban goffick.  He does have a hint of a smile on his face, unfortunately and it is daylight. At least he’s a decent height up the tree. 

4.4 out of 5 – My comfy tree brings all the goffs to the yard and they’re like, it’s really comfy.


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