About Me

About Me

Hey, welcome to my blog….
I’m Becky, I’m in my thirties, live in Bristol (but I’m from the wilds of West Wales) and I’ve got a lot to say! I’m Welsh with Italian and Scottish heritage which makes me fiery and passionate best, at worst…terrifying!
I have a job in healthcare administration but also I’m The Editor at The Bite Mag, have my own jewellery making design business (Cruel Feathers Designs) and I practice burlesque and dabble in alt. modelling.ย 
I have problems with my kidneys, endometriosis and suffer from OCD and anxiety related conditions, but I try not to let this impact my life where I can. It definitely impacts my writing, in theme if nothing else.
I’m a self confessed geek, music lover, cinefile, lover of all things vintage, writer, cake baker, tentacle fetishist and much more besides!

Setting the Scene

I used to live in relatively rural Wales, near mountains and beaches and dramatic landscapes. I was born and brought up there and though I have lived away I came back in 2004. I consider myself very lucky, when I was younger all I dreamed of was getting out of there and I did. But now I appreciate the pace and quality of life there and the decision to leave was a litle hard. But my time there was done.

And so I live in Bristol now, in a lovely flat with a good friend. My life is simple, fun and I’m very content. I like Bristol, a city with a social conscience. Lots of great places to eat, great music scene, a strong sense of its martime heritage and some very nice people! It now feels very much like home.

Disclaimer: This is my blog, all views expressed are that of my own and not associated with anyone I work with or for.



4 responses to “About Me

  1. For the life of me, I can’t figure out a good way to send this :

    It’s actually a question about Bristol, as I was looking at a job there today and remembered having seen the town name some-where. Low and Behold it was one of my fellow NaPoWriMo writers.
    If it wouldn’t be too much trouble (and feel free to e-mail me the answer, so it’s not clogging up your blog, at danak@iastate.edu) I would like to know what the cost of living is like in Bristol.

    Thanks for bearing with this format and placement,

  2. Must have been a bit of a wrench being channelled to Bristol ๐Ÿ™‚ instead of the Woolly Wilds of Wales!

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